Indian Mechanic, Mohammad Raees Markani invents car that runs on water (Video)
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Indian Mechanic, Mohammad Raees Markani invents car that runs on water (Video)

Published: one year ago
Editor: Adigun Abiola, Africa.

Mohammad Raees Markani, 44, has been modifying an 800 cc engine for the last five years - and now believes he has made the scientific breakthrough.

The eco-friendly car uses a mix of water and carbides. Incredibly, A one litre mix of this concoction costs under two pence - making it more cost effective than traditional fuels. Markani, from the state of Madhya Pradesh, said: "The car runs on acetylene gas , which is formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water.

"The gas is used for several industrial purposes including welding and portable lighting for miners. But in my case, I am using it to propel the car engines .

"I have made other changes to the engines, which helps the overall performance of the car. So basically, it is just about the water." Markani has been a car mechanic for over 15 years. He never went to school and cannot read or write.

So the invention has been hailed as a great leap in Indian society - and made him a local celebrity. "This idea struck my mind while I was gas welding a part of my car in my workshop many years ago. But I did not know how to go about it," Markani said. "Somehow, I made a start and it took five years to make this efficient engine."

He added: "The market for environmentally friendly cars is getting bigger and automobile companies around the world are looking for eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution. "So a car like mine can be a good alternative. It costs close to nothing to operate and it is environment friendly."

All the companies that are interested in Raees's water car project will have to meet his one condition - any plant to make new cars will be established only in his hometown in Madhya Pradesh. Markani said: "I want things to change in my hometown. So this is where my work should continue.

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