Read:- Miss Shade Share Her Story About Her Sweet And Lovely House boy (Part 21)
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Read:- Miss Shade Share Her Story About Her Sweet And Lovely House boy (Part 21)

Published: 8 months ago
Editor: Adigun Abiola, Africa.

Nobody to open the door, has there are too much pressure at the door, I have not choose than to open the door.

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********who is at the door********* a strong voice sound from the door********* open the door now, Do you think you can run away from me, I will see how u will escape today

*********** everyone was shocked, ****** nobody to open the door, has there are too much pressure at the door, I have not choose than to open the door. As I open the door, I was push away with the door.

********** is NINOH’s landlord who came for the house rent fee***********

we all have a good breath, as we all hope it was the gunmen that came for tunde********** the landlord started talking to NINOH *******.

Landlord : sorry my girl for pushing the door at you, I thought he don’t want to open the door for me because he have always been run away from me because of his rent fees, today!!!! I must collect my money or you pack all your loads and vacate the room for someone who have money to come in… oh oh, so you are pretending as if u are sick, that one will not work this time*****

I am very sorry for Ninoh, the landlord don’t even care abt his condition ************.

Me : : baba, he his not pretending he has an accident that is why you are seeing him like that*********.

Landlord : are u defending him? Hum hum so u plan this together, this cannt work out this time around. Even if his dieing, I will collect my money today or he vacate the house..

Me : baba pls give him sometime, he will pay you the fees.

Landlord : Pls shut up, I am not talking to you, birds of the same feather, like husband like wife.

*******i was so embarrassed by the landlord, nobody have even embarrassed like that before******.

Me : how much is your money?

Landlord : ask your husband, I think he knows how much he owns me.

Me : baba as you can see that is not in the mood now, can u pls tell me your bill and stop all this insult.

Landlord : why are you asking, do you want to pay me or what.

Me : just tell me the bill.

Landlord : **laughs** see girl girl, ur husband don’t have the money and u are here asking me for the price as if you can pay for it.

********* I was so angry ********.

Me : baba are u ready to say your bill or what?

Landlord : ok!!!! My money is #25,000.

Ninoh : Haaaaa, baba your money is not up to that have already pay part payment.

Landlord : so you can talk, I thought she said you are not in mood to talk.

***** I deep my hand into my bag, I give the landlord #20,000 so he can go with his noise ***********.

As I pay the landlord, Tunde came out under the the bed.******.

Landlord : ehen, who is this? So you have been hiding strangers in my house without my approver?

Me : baba is my boyfriend.

********* The landlord vacate the room ****.

Me : tunde, when do u think we can be doing this, pls come back to back to my house, your life is not safe here, I love you, I don’t want to lose you.

Tunde : No I can’t go back to that ur house, it is dangerous for me.

**** ninoh stood up from were he was************.

Ninoh : Tunde she is right, your life is not safe here, but when you are in her house, I think the security will be tight than my house, were wood is use to make our door.

*****************my phone rang, it was my dad calling me*******

shaiii, am in trouble, my dad have already warned me not to go out today, whay will I tell me now********

I didn’t pick up the call, I have to be going home now *********.

Me : tunde, it my dad calling me I will come back later dear, am sorry I can spend must time here with you.

********* on getting home, I met dad and Dammy at the living room*******.

Dad : shade were have u been, after when have warned you not to go out, you will hate yourself today for your nonchalant attitude.

Me : dad Tunde is alive….

Dad : hummmm!!!! what did you just say? Me : I said tunde is alive.

Dad : are u sure of what u are saying? Dammy : what!!!b are you serious? Am happy to hear this.

********* See this fool, if you are pretending to my dad, did you think I didn’t knw ur evil plan,Fool.********.

Dad : where is he?

Dammy : is he in the hospital or where?

******hum hum, is in ur father’s house….. *********.

Dad : I cannt beleave this.

Me : let me call him and you can speak with him.

******grin grin…. phone ringing *****.

Me : hello tunde, am now at home, my dad what to speak with you…

Tunde : why did youinform your dad ?

Dad : hello tunde, how are you , I was toldd at the police station that you were stab. Well am happy you are now alive, so where are you, I will send shade to you, to bring you back home.

***********I am very happy to hear this**************. I took my car key, to bring tunde back***********.

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