Read:- Miss Shade Share Her Story About Her Sweet And Lovely House boy (Part 24)
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Read:- Miss Shade Share Her Story About Her Sweet And Lovely House boy (Part 24)

Published: 5 months ago
Editor: Adigun Abiola, Africa.

I was feeling too bad when my dad said he will pay tunde off to leave the house.

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******** As am thinking of what next to do, so as to make tunde be with us , I saw dammy the Gov.son winking to tunde, (this means he won tunde by sending him out of the house).

******** I felt like breaking dammy the Gov.son’s head, but I have no choice than to cool my temper.

**** my heart was beaten faster as I was thinking of what to do *******.

Me : daddy, as you also know that tunde was attacked by unknown gunmen last week, tunde’s life is at stake, if truly you like tunde as ur son just let keep tunde in this house for security purposes.

Daddy : hum, shade you are right, tunde’s life in at stake as we are yet to unveil the gunmen, so I Will also like tunde to be in this house with us.

******Dammy the gov.son eye changed to red as he heard this from my daddy*********

I was extremely happy, I don’t think my daddy can fall for my idea at that moment.

***** I wink back to dammy the Gov.son as he did to tunde when my dad said he will pay tunde off*****.

Tunde : thank you sir.

Daddy : but you have to mind your relationship with dammy the gov.son, don’t be rude to him, remember his dad have a Good reputation in this state.

Me : daddy is not that tunde is rude to dammy, but dammy the gov.son take tunde as a slave.

Daddy : no no no, dammy can never treat him like a slave, I know dammy very well, he only call tunde to help him out, so pls dear don’t get it twisted ok!!!!

*******i don’t have to argue with my dad, although he have already ask tunde to stay in the house with us********.

Tunde went straight to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast.

****** I was at the sitting room with dammy and my dad watching dstv as my dad was reading newspaper as usual.

*** few minutes after. *******.

Tunde : the breakfast is ready sir.

***** tunde went back to his bedroom ****** ****** we all visit the dining table for breakfast
**** my dad noticed that tunde was not on the table with us*****.

Daddy : shade, where is tunde ?

Me : in his room sir.

Daddy : call him to join us here.

******* I went upstairs to call for tunde in his room, on getting to his room, I saw tunde in a bab mood*********.

Me : tunde what is the matter? Why are u like this?

*****Tunde look into face but speechless ********.

Me : tunde talk to me. What happened? Tell me something

******** I was so worried what have brought tunde to a bad mood like that**********.

Tunde : Shade, I really appreciate all your effort for been with him and protecting me, due to what happen today, I hate myself.

Me : tunde pls stop all this, you are not at fault, just forget it all and life continues, since you are still with him, I will protect you to the last.

*****i have to change tunde mood from bad to good.*******.

Me : tunde, can I see a smile in ur face? My not happy for seen you like this.

***** I held tunde hands ****** as we start to romance each other *** this was so pleasured to the extence I forgot my dad send me to call tunde for breakfast

********* tunde was so romantic and energetic to repel****.

Suddenly the door was opened **************

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